Phone: +971 4 397 1947

Warehouse Q4-198
Sharjah Airport Free Zone
P.O Box 8391, Sharjah, UAE


We are known to be the biggest recycler of electronic equipments and accessories, and we know how to get things done as per the best environmental standards with zero land fill policy. We have the most modern Facility which covers about 600 SQM where we process these recyclable electronic equipments. No matter what the condition of these equipments is, we are ready to pay best price for these.

What We Accept

We are ready to accept any electronic equipment and their related accessories. When you sell your scrap electronics to us, you are not only making money, but you are also doing a huge favor to the environment in this entire process.

We are accepting:

Mobile Phones

Scheibye accepts mobile phones of any model or brand irrespective of its current condition. Whether it is dead, old, wrecked, broken, new (overstock) etc. Scheibye is willing to pay best possible price for that. So just contact us and get quoted for your mobile phones and its accessories today.

Desktops, Laptops & Printers

We are ready to accept desktops, laptops, iPads, tablet PCs, printers, scanners and all of their accessories irrespective of their make or model. Whether they are broken, wrecked, scrap, new (overstock), faulty, damaged or broken, we are willing to pay best possible rates for all that. So contact us, and our team will get back to you with what we have to offer.

Other E-Waste

When it comes to eWaste, we are accepting fax machines, photocopiers, LCDs and other electronic goods. Just tell us what you have irrespective of its condition or model and we will ready the quotes for you at the earliest. Don’t worry about the make or model or whether it is in working condition or not, we accept each and every electronic goods and all the related accessories.