Phone: +971 4 397 1947

Warehouse Q4-198
Sharjah Airport Free Zone
P.O Box 8391, Sharjah, UAE

Other eWaste Recycling

Other eWaste recycling includes each and every possible item that falls under the category of eWaste. We are accepting:

  • Fax Machines
  • Photocopiers
  • Switches
  • Hubs
  • LCD Screens (Panels)
  • USB Modems (Internet Keys)
  • TV’s

We are ready to accept all these items in any condition and willing to pay for them accordingly. Contact us immediately and we will send you a quote right away.

If you have something that comes under the banner of eWaste but is not included in this list, then all you have to do is to contact us immediately and we will let you know whether we are accepting that specific item or not.