Phone: +971 4 397 1947

Warehouse Q4-198
Sharjah Airport Free Zone
P.O Box 8391, Sharjah, UAE

Mobile Phone and Spare Parts Recycling

At Scheibye, we are ready to accept mobile phones as well as smartphones of every make and model. No matter what the condition of your mobile phone is, we are ready to buy it at the best possible price. We also accept accessories and spare parts of all current mobiles and smartphones.

Overstock, DOA, BER, Used and Scrap Mobile Phones

If you have mobile phones that are used, overstock (SIM – locked or unlocked), BER, DOA (dead on arrival), swap phones (new, broken or repaired), outdated models, faulty or damaged, Insurance returns and scrap phones then sell them to us.

Mobile Phones Spare Parts and Accessories

We accept following new, used, damaged, broken, cut and BER spare parts and accessories:

  • Flex cables
  • Housings
  • Middle housings
  • Cameras
  • Navigation keyboards
  • Chargers
  • Motherboards
  • IC’s and other components
  • Scrap plastic (could be LCDs, connectors, panels, ICs, small components etc.)
  • Head phones
  • Batteries.

We accept all the mobile phones, spare parts, accessories and broken LCD screens of smart phones from mobile phone recyclers, repair centers, collection centers or retailers from anywhere.

Product is always paid in advance and we pay all freight charges. Just contact us and get quoted immediately.