Phone: +971 4 397 1947

Warehouse Q4-198
Sharjah Airport Free Zone
P.O Box 8391, Sharjah, UAE

How We Recycle

Scheibye follows a very strict set of protocol when it comes to recycling of electronic equipments, and this is because we know how important it is to recycle electronic equipments as per the current environmental standards.

Steps Involved in Processing

All material received in our facility goes through a 2 step process.

  • Products/materials are received and go through sorting process.

Here it is determined whether material can be reused or it will go directly for recycling.  All products/materials that can be repaired go directly to our service center, where they are tested thoroughly before they are sold to 2nd hand markets.

  • Material that cannot be reused will be recycled.

In our facility all these products will be broken down to raw components, such as metals, plastics, wires, hard disks, boards etc. and sent on for further processing.

Our warehouse covers 600SQM of land, and has all the modern machinery and equipments that ensures safe processing and recycling of all these electronic goods. We know safety and security has always been the most important sections of trade, and we are proud of ourselves as we excel in both of them.

Scheibye issues a Recycling Certificate for all processed shipments. See a sample

If requested by the customer, phones can also be Blancco erased.  See a sample